The Holidays And Art

Tis’ the season!! I thought we can add a little touch of the holiday spirit to this week’s post! So, grab some hot cocoa and get comfy and enjoy some holiday inspiration!!

Art Therapy Is Everywhere

In my previous post, I mentioned that art therapy can take on any form, as long as it has a therapeutic benefit. Prime example of this idea is how some people make their own holiday ornaments and cards.

Remember that super cool honor society, Zeta Omicron, well, each year they hold a fundraiser by selling their own handmade cards and ornaments. For me personally, this allows me to escape from the stress of finals. Being that it is held towards the end of the C8BCD03B-209D-4902-97BA-B726F7822F38 (1)semester, finals are taking place so STRESS is in the air.

I noticed this  year, as I was creating art with my fellow members and enjoying some music and sort of calm to the storm of finals week, that I was relaxing with every minute that passed. Creating artwork and just being able to slow down and helped reduce my anxiety levels, while also contributing to a cause.

The Art !!

Here you see some ornaments and cards from the lovely members of the amazing Zeta A5F6FD9A-5E93-4967-8145-9C0F821860BD (1)Omicron. Dabbling in various mediums and techniques, no ornament or card is the same. They all have their own unique touch. Just by looking at them you can see the devotions and creative process that went into this work. Maybe, it even helped some of the other members relax as well!!

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