The Importance of Shapes

Hello everyone! I’ve officially switched my articles, so this week I will be posting in painting! In order to prepare, I’ve been watching a bunch of videos by Marco Bucci, an amazing concept artist and creator in general.  He has great videos on his youtube channel where he talks about general art rules, how he creates interesting pieces with his use of color, as well as tutorials on digital painting.

In his most recent video, Marco talked about how he used lines to create interesting shapes. With interesting shapes, you can build pieces because no matter the detail, you can easily read the work. After watching his video, I looked at my favorite works I had painted in Painting 2 during the first half of my semester.

photo of art

In this top piece, I was asked to work with dark first to plan the composition out. I can still spot them underneath the layers, but because of the shapes I can see the distribution of the shapes in the contrasting lights very well. There is also interesting shapes in that there are parts with invisible edges. These invisible edges disappear between bushes and trees, creating variety. I think this is one of my favorite paintings I’ve done in recent times, and being able to look back at it with more knowledge as to why it was successful really makes me like it all the more.


The above painting was my second piece I chose to analyze for shapes. When I painted it in class, we had to paint a base coat of red to unify everything. I found that it helped with my shape making because it made the edges much more interesting to look at. The lines created with the left over red that peeked through were their own shapes in a way and were heavier on the bottom as they showed through the floor colors, and thinner up top, swirling between lighter outside shapes of the landscape.

Over all, with what I learned in class and what I learned from Marco’s videos, I am excited to see how my composition and shape making skills grow. With practice I’m sure I can make even better art.

If you’re interested in watching any of Marco Bucci’s videos, here is a link to his youtube page!   Hope you guys can learn from his page just as I did! In the meantime, keep creating!

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