The MET Heavenly Bodies Exhibit

This past weekend I had the chance to go to the MET and see the Heavenly Bodies exhibit that was showing. I wasn’t able to go to see the part of the exhibition that was at the cloisters, which probably would have been really amazing, the medieval inspired dresses in the old castle atmosphere. This also was the exhibit shown at the MET Gala which correlated with the theme of all the outfits that attendees wore to the museum.

The pieces were displayed in the medieval art section of the met. It was a collection of mostly dresses by different designers that all had a connection to a Catholic religious garment. For wxanole there were a series of dresses that were accompanied by different habits created by the designer. Although the huge crowd obstructed the view it was interesting to see these dresses inspired by papal robes.

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    1. I really liked your post and I’m glad you enjoyed the exhibit. It was really cool. Have you seen the outfits that the guests wore to gala? I loved all the designs and references to Christian art.

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