The Met

This week I wanted to talk about my recent trip to the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City and why as an art student, it is important to go to museums. I know some people may think that going to a museum won’t help them with their own art such as illustration or graphic design, etc. Some may even find it boring or uninteresting. I want to say that going to the Met has been a great learning experience for anyone interested in any field of art.

Going to museums can be a fun time if you understand the principles of art and design. You become more appreciative of other artwork the more knowledge you have of it stored away. Museums are a good way of finding inspiration for a piece that you are stuck on. After all, a lot of the artwork you find in museums were created by master artists. It is good when you are able to understand how others have created their artwork, because it helps you reflect upon your own. There is much to learn from the different ages of art as well.

Museums are also a place where you can see the most beautiful pieces of artwork. Even if you don’t know much about art, there are sure to be paintings or sculptures that look amazing to you. It can be a great activity when you are looking for something quiet and peaceful to do as an artist. So bring along a family member or a friend so enjoy the wonderful artwork.

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