The Power of Words

This past week in my Intro to Graphic Design class, we worked on a project where our goal was to create a design using only words and very basic shapes. We had to choose a poem, paragraph, script, basically anything that had words. We then had to turn this passage, paragraph, etc. into a portrait, symbol, or some type of design that had to do with whatever we picked. I believe we did this kind of project to prepare us for this type of job possibility in the future, and to also expand our creativity by tackling this type of difficult project.

I always like to explain how I approached the project to give an example on how these in class projects are done. To start my project I took the script from the last episode of season four of Breaking Bad. I decided to create a portrait of the main character, Walter White, using the script from that episode. I picked out important characters from the episode and put their names around the portrait because they support the story and wouldn’t be possible without them. I also took the last line in the episode said by Walter White and put that in the bottom right corner. This line is a huge part of the plot so I felt it was very important to the story, and I included it in big letters. Overall this project was very difficult for me and I struggled with my ideas. I feel like the struggle is a huge part of learning and improving your skills as an artist.

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