The Source of Inspiration

As artists, we were born with the gift to flex and expand our creative muscles in a way that reflect our feelings, surroundings and also the world we currently live in. Sometimes we struggle to find that one open door that will lead us to our next creative venture. Other times, however, beautiful ideas come to us from places we can neither describe nor explain. I have done some thinking this week, just getting over a creative block, about where exactly the source of our inspiration is.

I sat in front of a sketchbook, pen in hand, just waiting for something to come that never did. Out of frustration I started putting together anything I could think of, none of which I was happy or passionate about in the least. Of course all of us have been there, but it really made me think…these things should never be forced. So much of our daily lives consist of just getting through menial tasks and activities that we just deem necessary. Our art and inspiration should not be one of those things. That being said, I walked away from that particular project and decided to revisit it at a later date. Then, without even expecting it, something happened. An image popped into my head from an unknown source, that just seemed to make sense. I can’t tell you where it came from our why it made so much sense at that moment but I took it and ran. I ran right back to that sketchbook, pen ready. Next thing I knew I was furiously working on a piece that I am now extremely happy with.

Moral of the story, we should never try to bring about things that are meant to come when you least expect it. Our inspiration is everywhere we go, in everything we do, and through everything we see. Don’t allow your hesitations and frustrations control and consume you. You are the artist, the one given that creative gift. So, use it. I have described this moment, the receiving of creativity ideas, as an anonymous and beautifully wrapped package given by a secret admirer. The source is unknown but the warmth in your heart and light in your soul is undeniable. Never question your gift and purpose as an artist. We are all here to express the truth in ourselves and our world. Open that package and begin.

Featured photo taken in Salem, Massachusetts, a huge source of inspiration for me as an artist.

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