Think Before You Speak 

For Sculpture II we had to make a humanitarian piece to show social issues that exist today. I based mine on the topic of bullying and beauty standards.


The plant on the left in the cover represents what happens to a person over time as they are verbally abused about their appearance. The plant on the right represents what happens to a person when they are treated with respect and told kind words. Like the glass in the left photo, words hurt even if you can’t see the damage they’ve caused. On the right side if you look closely there a vines that spell out words of kindness that help the plant grow.

The effects the words have on the plants are similar to the effects words have on people. Bullying in some schools aren’t taken seriously. Even if bullying is acknowledged the damage is already done leaving that person hurting on the inside. Being aware of the effects of bullying is just as important as preventing it from happening in the first place. Hopefully my sculpture piece was successful in showing the damaging effects of bullying.

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