Three Prompts Done

Continuing off last week’s post about Self-Discovery Prompts, I wanted to talk about the three prompts I have completed so far!

Sketching quickly from a simple given prompt is a very quick way to get your mind off of the real world and some stress you may be feeling! With these quick sketches I have been doing, it makes me excited that I have something to go back to with color and express new ideas. The three that I have done so far were:

  1. How do you feel at the moment?
  2. A place to travel to
  3. Your ideal morning
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These prompts definitely acted as a distraction from the real world and some school work that was waiting to be completed. I’m really glad I found an art project that can fit into my busy school work schedule. I found to have a little fun with the prompts and choose from the prompts randomly, like closing your eyes and landing your pointer finger on a different one than before! After picking a prompt, I like to take 2-3 mins to think about what I’m going to sketch out and then grab my pen! These brief moments that happen in my sketchbook give me a sense of relief! It’s good to find something that fits in your schedule and still can be creative! Throughout future projects, I hope these prompt sketches can serve as an inspiration!

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