Time Flies

It’s just about that time in the fall semester: everyone is sick, it’s seems like October came right after August on the calendar, and everything suddenly has the same due date. As I battle these mid-semester problems and wait for more supplies to be delivered, I figured I could show how my work is progressing before I have to kick up production into overdrive.

First of all, working on artist statements and semester proposals for two classes led me to really narrow down my focus and be able to plan out projects before I start them based on ideas rather than pure experimentation. This is pretty new for me, but that is never a bad thing. In my sculpture work, I want to focus on portraying physical and mental sensations through form and material, so I am working on a list of those sensations and how best to translate them into a visual language. In Jewelry/Metals III, I’ve been planning out some designs that can utilize plaster forms I’ve already created in my sculpture practice.

I’ve been pouring, sanding, and finally organizing my plaster forms into families that correspond to my ideas, and hopefully it will start to make sense (to you and me) in terms of my thesis goals soon.

Featured Image: Jill Sibio, 2018


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