Time for Expression

Coming in as an Art Education major, one of my biggest fears—and something I continue to struggle with—was not having enough time or inspiration when it came to expressing myself through my own work. In a program like Art Education we focus so much on the artistic journey of our young and growing artists, helping them to find their creative path; but sometimes losing track of our own. I have learned, however, that these roads are never separate but continue to grow and merge together as time goes on. As any artist or teacher will know, we never stop learning and soaking in everything around us. An artist’s eye is keen and observant, finding beauty, madness, and opportunity in everything; what we fail to see sometimes, however, is the emergence of that beautiful process when a young artist starts to come into their own, flexing their creative muscles.

The greatest joy for a teacher is both seeing the success of their students and also taking so many unexpected lessons away for themselves. The learning process is one that never stops, whether you are a student or a teacher. We are conditioned to think the students are doing all the learning, when in reality the teacher gains so much from the expanding minds of the students. In my opinion, an Art Educator has an even more beautiful experience with this constant flow of knowledge. We are able to work with all levels of students who have yet to be influenced by a society that teaches us to be perfect. We work with students who we allow to be free to create. I was fearful about losing my own time and freedom of expression, but what I have learned is that the process never truly stops. My inspiration comes from the bright, colorful and imaginative minds of the students that remind me everyday I am exactly where I’m supposed to be.

Have an interest in Art Education? Or maybe you want to follow a creative path with your own work. Maybe Marywood is the place for you to explore one or both of those interests! Any questions regarding these topics can be asked at any time. I would be glad to help anyone with their journey the way my teacher has helped me. Until next time artists!

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