Time Lapse Testing

In today’s day, it’s near impossible to ignore the presence and importance of social media in promoting one’s self, and it may be even more difficult to resist succumbing to the social media efforts of others, but it may not be as detrimental as most people make it out to be. For one, it is a great means for sharing knowledge and new ideas that inspire and ignite in us the desire to create. In my own experience, my little Instagram feed is slowly becoming more and more pictures of pottery, sculpture, studios, and artists showcasing their special techniques. It makes me want to continue to build a life in which I can do what fulfills me, and to accomplish on a comparable level, to contribute something significant in our little clay community.

One especially prominent thread among the posts from artists I see on my social media feeds is the abundance of time lapse videos! After all, creating ceramic artwork is a multifaceted process, so accelerating videos taken while pieces are being crafted is only natural. This week, I decided to try my hand at my own time lapse. It was just an experiment so it’s a little rough, but it’s my first one… and not to worry; there will be more where this one came from! Check it out and let me know what you think! Thanks for the read!


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