Tiny Experience

So one day when I was working in the ceramic studio at Marywood, I was throwing this very large piece and it got too soft so I ripped it right off the wheel. Now I remember this day being a really bad throwing day for me. I just could not get anything finished. Then I noticed that on the wheel head there was a very tiny amount of clay (less that .25 pounds) and I threw it and made a very tiny bottle. My professor Matt Povse loved the idea of these little bottles, so I threw a whole bunch of them. I started to love making them because although they are tiny that does not mean I did not encounter the same problems or difficulties that I experienced making them full size.

When I make bottles and I choke the neck to make it tall and thin, I used to experience one of two things; either the top would ripple and make a flowery effect, or one side of the rim would get very thin and taller than the other. Since I have been making these little bottles I feel as if I understand the clay much better.

This summer I have not been able to get up to Marywood to throw, so I joined this studio where I live called The Art Establishment Studios. They have a really nice ceramics studio where I can throw, so last week I sat down for a few hours and just threw some tiny bottles. Now I just want to keep throwing them, and I can not wait to glaze them!IMG_8103.JPG


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