Tiny Hands Make The Best Pots!

Last week at Peter’s Valley I used red clay. This was a first for me. I found it hard to work with and the fact it stains clothing so easily made it less appealing because I am a very messy potter.

On the last day of my workshop I said my goodbyes and then came home. Upon returning I saw extra cars in my driveway. I was eager to see my niece and nephew so I quickly hurried outside before changing my messy clothes. Within the first few minutes both my niece, Grace who is four, and my nephew, Christopher who is three, both told me I was so messy and asked why? I started telling them it was only clay and hopefully if their Nonni (my mom) worked her cleaning magic it would come out. They kept asking questions about pottery and clay, so I wedged up some clay (got the air bubbles out of it) and turned on my wheel.

I had my niece sit on my lap and I showed her all the motions. We sat there for about a half and hour. Each time she impressed me more. I was so proud of their interest in clay. It made me really happy to be the person to show them something so cool and exciting!


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