Top Ten Art Supplies

In honor of a new semester starting and the inevitable rush to Michael’s for more art supplies, I compiled a list of art supplies I absolutely cannot live without. Enjoy!

1. Palette container. This one is a lifesaver especially for me since I bring my palette back home with me every day. Prior to getting this, I would get left over oil paints all over my trunk if I hit a bump or stopped quickly. I got mine at Michael’s on sale, but I’m sure any kind of container works; I just needed the space the Michael’s one gave me as my palette is quite large.


IMG_97172. Paint scraper.  I use this mainly for cleaning my palette. It’s really great for all the times I paint late and forget (neglect) to clean my palette before bed.


3. Intuos Pro tablet. I love this so much. My complaint about the last one I had was the size. With the pro even the small is big. The different pen tips are amazing too.


4. A travel soap container. This is also really great for me because at one point I didn’t have one and put my soap in my art box as is…not fun…


5. Mason jars. These are great for everything. They hold brushes, mineral spirits, paint, you name it! I have a lot of these in different sizes.


6. Lots of white paint. This is always a must. For some reason white paint is always the first one to run out.


7. Mat board. I’ve used this for so many projects it’s not funny. I always like to keep some on hand just in case I need it. 


8. Canvas. This is kind of a no brainer. Since I stretch my own, I like to make a good amount all at once of different sizes, so I have a little bit of everything on hand.


9. Sketchbook. All of my ideas, planning for projects, and notes go into here. If I ever lost my sketchbook I would go insane. I usually end up going through at least one sketch book per semester and another one just for summer break, so sometimes if I have a coupon I buy two at once. 


10. Palette knife. I love the palette knife. Not only do I use it to mix paint, but it helps me focus on shapes and the composition of the painting rather than just all of the details. I don’t know how I would survive without it. 

Hope you enjoyed this list! What supplies are a must for your studio? Leave a comment below!

Until next week!


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