UI practice

As I was compulsively looking at future job options on LinkedIn and other job search sites, and I came across a posting from Marywood University for a UI (User Interface) Designer/Developer. I of course knew I wasn’t quite qualified for this particular position, but I actually filled out the application and added in the notes that I just wanted to talk to someone in that department about web design and see if I could shadow.

I really wanted was to see what they do in their job, and learn more. The info actually got to the right people in that department and they reached out and said I could join in when the new employee was being trained! I’m super pumped and it was way more than I expected.

I’ve been able to sit in on a few presentations so far on topics like the internet and servers, and also script/template languages. It was actually a ton of stuff I did not know so that was really helpful! They also invited me to a meeting about one of the pages they are redesigning. It is the programs of study page for the university. My mentor/advisor said I could mock a page if I wanted to, so I did. I made a bunch of different versions (like 10) on Adobe XD and a prototyped a few features. The one below is my favorite version.

Programs of study page

This type of work, web design/ UI is something I really enjoy and I really appreciated the chance to practice and learn more about, and I hope to learn even more from this awesome and random opportunity!

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