Under and Over

My newest painting happens to be one of my oldest. It was the first painting I began this semester and now I am pretty positive it is in its finishing stages (hopefully). Who knows; I may go back to it and totally change it. That’s the thing with painting. It changes constantly. If you want to change it you just paint over and start new. This is where it gets tricky because when you have the option to change your piece at any time it is extremely tempting. Sometimes you don’t know when to push more or leave it alone. You don’t know whether to keep going or step back. You don’t know whether to end it or continue. For now I am ending it.

bridge painting undercoatI started out with an under coat designating the different areas with a color that would contrast with the anticipated top coat color. I had in mind the idea of complimentary contrast. The bottom layer was done in vibrant quick drying acrylics while the top layer was done in textured and blended oil paints. In each area of the composition I wanted to experiment with texture through leaf type so distinguishing the different plant life didn’t solely rely on the different colors. The compliments allowed for the under painting to pop through and give a richness to the piece. For the bridge bridge paintingand background I went back to using acrylic paints to give a vibrancy to the background so it is not as easily consumed by the colored leaves.

I find myself working on landscape pieces more and more while continuing to be attracted to the use of colors. In this piece I used a hue specifically for a yellow and I found out something I didn’t know before as an artist; my painting passion lies within colorful landscapes. Furthermore, I love the use of under paintings and building a piece up through layering. This process requires attention to under and over and everything in between.

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