Under the Umbrellas

Hello Everyone! I’m back, and I’ve visited another great art space in Scranton! This art installation on Bogart Court is really a place to visit, and it is currently holding the latest installation of Frank Dubas, a local artist known among the Marywood community for his John Lennon tribute mural. I was lucky enough to visit the alley on a beautiful day, and these umbrellas really are a sight to stand beneath.

Bogart Court itself is a whimsical place. The alleyway seems to be taken straight out of Italy or France, and it has a vibe that sells you on an escape from the city. If not for the traffic on Lackawanna ave, I could have imagined I was in another country. Standing under the umbrellas in this place, I was rewarded with the feeling that I was really transported into another world. The colors from the umbrellas in the sun on a nice day are like polka-dots on an imaginary fabric.

As always, I highly recommend going out and experiencing this installation for yourselves. Bogart Court is such a hidden gem, and I must have passed it thousands of times without even knowing that it was there. Any Scranton native or visitor can easily get in and out, even if it’s just on the way home from work! I urge anyone to take five minutes and walk through this art installation, you won’t be let down.

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