Unity Print

During the height of the BLM protests this summer, I decided that one way I could contribute was to buy some art. I bought a few different pieces that had subject matters of love and unity that I knew would serve as a reminder for myself to choose love and unity. It was also important for me to buy art that I knew would be monetarily contributing to this cause, so a portion of my payment would be donated to charities and organizations that support it.

I had planned on taking these artworks and hanging them in my dorm come the fall, but once I realized I’d be staying home for the semester, they ended up still with some other things I had wanted to bring to school and were largely forgotten about. (Shame on me!!)

After the election results were announced, I felt a wave of emotions (as I’m sure you did, too). After the initial emotions wore off, I still had a lingering feeling of knowing that there is still so much work to be done to ensure this country is a place of love, equity, equality, and justice. It was in the midst of feeling this that I stumbled upon the forgotten artwork that I had purchased over the summer. What a wonderful thing to find in that moment!! They were tangible reminders of this continuing push for change that this troubled world so desperately needs. Not only this, but also tangible reminders that so many others want this change, too.

One print in particular caught my eye and I wanted to share it! I am a Christian and I absolutely adore religious art, so when I found this print on Etsy, I knew I had to get it! It is a handmade linoleum block print with watercolor and gold leaf that depicts a heavenly scene. The artist says this about it on her Etsy page: “This image depicts our Heavenly Father and Mother with their son Jesus Christ watching over a diverse group of their children. The rainbow is meant to represent the Holy Ghost, who reminds us of Their everlasting love…black lives matter to our Heavenly Parents, and they should matter to us.” (M. Alice Abrams, Etsy)

I believe that God loves each of us so intensely and calls us to love each other in this same way. Even if you’re not a Christian, I feel that this message has always run deep in our society! Treat others the way you want to be treated, love everyone even if you don’t like everyone, etc. We’ve grown up learning these things and it is not up to us to apply them. We get the opportunity every day to dream bigger, help often, and love harder.

I will certainly be hanging this up in my room now for a constant reminder of the ways that I want to love others. I hope that in the wake of this election season (and who knows what the future holds for this!) that you all are doing okay. Remember to seek out love above all things and continue to fight to protect the vulnerable and forgotten members of our world.

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