Upcoming Internship

So I had my interview with ArtWorks Gallery and I got it! I’m really excited for it. If anyone has gone to this gallery they know it is small but so full of life.

They have multiple programs for people with mental disabilities which is so amazing and I hope I have the chance to talk to them and get to know them. I have lived with my autistic uncle for my entire life so I have some experience with mental disabilities but I would like to learn more about how their programs go about.

During the interview I asked how the day to day life at the gallery is and they had the best response of it’s either calm or hectic. Is it bad that I want to see it being hectic? I’m just so excited to have a different view at an gallery and not a museum like over the summer. I know they have similarities but I’m excited to see what is different. In the end I’m hoping to see what setting I would prefer after college.

I did not have much time to walk around the gallery and get more familiar with the current exhibition due to me taking the bus to and from downtown Scranton. But, I am so excited to learn about the gallery and everything they do for the community!

I am not sure when I will start yet due to paper work and clearances having to be approved, but hopefully it will be soon.


Cover Image: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Paint

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