Update: T-shirt

Earlier in the summer I was asked to make a t-shirt design for Delight, the Christian women’s club on campus. I came up with a few designs last time, mostly typography based: it is the type of design I am good at, and something I would personally always wear. They turned out pretty good and I sent a few different design drafts to the leaders a few weeks ago, but the decision was put on hold.

I was contacted again this week, and it was pointed out to me this time that I made a major mistake! This happens a lot to me actually, I need others to call me out on it or I miss it sometimes. I read too fast. Or I should say my brain skips over words and replaces them with others that make just as much sense. This happened when I was reading the message of what phrase to actually put on the t-shirt. Yeah, I got the whole phrase wrong. What I previously had was Ephphatha, which is an untranslated phrase in the bible that means “be opened”. The actual phrase is Talitha koum, which means “little girl arise”. A few times in the New Testament, the writers would leave the native language’s phrase instead of translating it to Greek, then Latin, then English. If you know a foreign language well enough there are many instances of a phrase in one language losing it’s meaning when converted to another. So, rapid moving brain that fills in gaps before I think decided the phrase was one of the untranslated ones, I knew a few of them, but the one I had heard most in my life was Ephphatha. Therefore my brain completely erased the actually written down phrase the girls wanted me to make a t- shirt for. Long story short, I had to change every single design!

The phrases were actually not so easily switched. Ephphatha is longer than “be opened”, but Talitha koum is shorter than “little girl arise”. The hierarchy of the words was different; I couldn’t just copy a paste the new words in. I ended up keeping the layout of two previous designs, and making two new ones.

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