Upside Down

Hello Everyone! I hope all is well! This week I am going to share my lens ball photographs with you. My photography professor assigned this project to the class and was unsure if I would be able to complete it since I am fully online. Luckily for me I was gifted a lens ball for Christmas! I was supper excited because I finally got a chance to use it!

For this project I had to watch the weather, something that I’ve come to dislike, since its either raining or snowing where I am. Once I was able to find time to take a few photographs I was excited! I went and explored my family’s farm and played around with the ball. This was the fun part because when you look through the ball everything is upside down! I especially liked placing it by water to get the reflections as well.

I took a couple different photographs, then I went into photoshop and continued to experiment with them. Here they are!

I really enjoyed this project and can’t wait to continue to use the lense ball in the future! My favorite photograph from above is the black and white photograph of the shed that I rotated to it was right side up in the ball.

That’s all for this week! Stay Safe and Healthy! I’ll talk to you all next time!

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