Urban Night Shooting

It’s hard to say definitively what my favorite shooting conditions would be, even in a general sense, but I would have to say that shooting at night would be pretty close to the top of the list. There’s just something about the new quality that everything around you takes on that makes the environment seem that much more interesting. Light becomes such a more active part of your shooting in the dark, not only does it have the natural effect of directing your attention to where it falls, but it’s interaction with its surroundings has quite a more direct hand in forming compositions. In a sense you are also limited to what artificial light can aid you with, unless shooting with a tripod, somewhat restricting your subject matter; often at the cost of much frustration, however in some cases an added restriction could be a driving force for productivity.

Although I should probably get in the habit of shooting with a tripod when the lighting conditions don’t permit shooting handheld, I almost feel as if the added freedom that shooting without one brings outweighs the occasionally off-putting grain that comes along with shooting at a higher ISO sensitivity; in some instances the grain can even add an element of texture to your photos. As is often the case when shooting in an urban environment, I found myself drawn predominantly to forms created by lines in frame, when shooting these I did also have the added assistance of a good amount of dynamic lighting. Urban scenes tend to have a pretty high amount of contrast, and that is even exaggerated once the sun goes down and artificial lighting takes over. In regards to a few of these photos, I would even say that the light itself is the subject, even the somewhat arbitrary photo of the Electric City sign, even though I was far more interested in what the sign’s light was doing to the roof tiles than the sign itself.  _DSC0108_DSC0113_DSC0119_DSC0126_DSC0132


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