Vandalized Art

Recently I read this article called “Demonstrators Splash Red Paint Inside LA Gallery in Apparent Protest of Gentrification”. While reading this article I couldn’t believe what these individuals did to the opening of an exhibition at the Dalton Warehouse. A few individuals that were in the crowd of the opening covered their mouths with bandanas and then splashed the walls, the artwork, and people with red paint.

This was actually not the first time that the Dalton Warehouse has been a target. There were many comments on this situation therefore they put out an social media post asking people if these actions of the individuals who threw paint on the walls were okay or not. In the end, the majority of people thought that there actions were okay. While I am still informing myself on gentrification and the protests that have been going on, I still think that this is wrong. Coming from the artist side of things, I feel like someone shouldn’t vandalize someone else’s art. They put their time and energy into these pieces only to have it destroyed. There are other ways to protest without hurting people and property. In my opinion, these actions will only lead to something more violent. Please post your opinion and thoughts on this situation in the reply box below.

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