VIA logos

My current internship involves doing work for Marywood’s Campus Ministry. Campus ministry has about four major clubs and a couple reoccurring events every year. VIA or volunteers in action is one of the big ones. They do a ton of volunteer work on campus and off. They don’t have any sort of branding though. It is not a chapter of a larger organization but rather something created on Marywood’s campus. I asked to make a logo for them and that was my one goal for this week.

I have started the same way I have done the last few logos for my design classes. Write out the name and it’s attributes, then make little icons for each word. Then combine all the words, attributes, and icons to make something new.

I got to this design pretty easily. I made a few on top one day, then let it be for a few days, then the last idea came to me. The last idea was number 1. It stood out from the rest. I used the actual acronym, it is bold and scalable, it uses the negative space it its advantage, and it is super simple. I really liked it.

I translated it to vector pretty quickly and here are the results!

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