Visual Libraries

Having ideas is quite good; I think we could all agree. Especially for creatives, artists, those in charge; ideas keep you going. But.. there is a point where too many ideas can begin to make you feel overwhelmed and suffocating on your own creativity – making it seem like there arent enough hours in the day to make a dent into the iceberg sized mound of ideas that is piling up in your mind.

I think everyone goes through these feelings at least occasionally, and as artists we all naturally try to get out as many of our ideas as we can. The ones we do not though, can sometimes be lost. For me this is where my visual library comes in handy, the little (or big) pad of papers that make up my sketchbook. Perfect for generating, refining, saving, and recalling your ideas and keeping them for a rainy day, so that when you start to feel like you are running dry you can flip through and fill back up again.

Certainly give it a try at the very least, its an easy simple and fun practice and if nothing else at least you’re now using some good old left brain.

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