Watercolor Printmaking

For all of you painterly people out there, this type of printmaking will end up being your favorite style. Monotype is another form of Intaglio Printmaking and is by far the most colorful version of Intaglio Printmaking you will see. This type of printmaking allows you to use oil based inks in a range of colors on a non absorbent surface, which in this case I used plexiglass. When you are painting your image onto the surface your working on, you must be cautious with the amount of ink you are using; too much could distort the image. When you are done painting and you load your work up onto the press, it ends up looking more like a watercolor print.

For the work shown here, I drew my inspiration for this piece based on a picture that I had taken back in the fall of 2015. My painting skills aren’t as well developed for a realistic approach, but that didn’t stop me from trying to paint in my own weird style.

I used a lot of warm colors through out this piece along with one or two bolder colors to make certain parts stand out more. I had really enjoyed creating this artwork using this method, it was a very calming process. Especially if your going into this with the intention of just free-styling this instead of trying to replicate what you are seeing in the picture. What do you think?


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