What A Stud!

The semester is about to start up again and I am looking forward to getting back in the swing of school. I think it is weird coming home for a month and having nothing to do! So I started making resin jewelry as a hobby and I am falling in love with it. I bought some new molds all different sizes and shapes. Yesterday I started casting some more pieces and putting gold leaf and glitter into them. I have to say that my entire basement is just coated in sparkles and they seem to just keep multiplying. I do not think that my mom is going to appreciate all this glitter haha. I have only been making earrings with gold leaf and gold sparkles but I want to expand to some silver and maybe different colors like a copper and a blue.  I think that different color combination could making the jewelry dynamic.

This resin jewelry really takes a long time (almost two days) and I am never really sure what it is going to look like until I take it out of the mold. The also start to hurt your hands after sanding them for a half hour each! I bought white and black pigment so I have been using the white and black normally and also making different types of gray. I have not really sold any pieces yet because I just did not think that they were good enough, but these new pieces that I just had some out, I am really happy with. I was only making drop earrings before but all my new ones are studs and they look really nice as a casual earring or for a dressy occasion. These new ones are making me really excited to buy more molds and more resin. I just cannot wait!!IMG_9826.JPG


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