What Does It Mean?

I think a natural consequence of being creative in any way would have to be the ever flowing questions we throw at ourselves. There is so much doubt that comes with being artistic, but so much beauty as well. It is a scary thing to get involved in because you are constantly questioning yourself and art in general.

What does it all mean? To be an artist, to make art, to create. Why do we do it and what pushes us in that direction? As I move further in Art Education, these questions have been plaguing me more often than not. I wonder if I will lose my desire to make my own work. I never feel as though it could be good enough for what I would eventually hope to accomplish. My doubts are coming through painfully strong. As I get confronted with “proper teaching techniques” and how to handle  a rowdy classroom, I want to know why, in our society, we can’t just hone in on our creative intrigues and further pursue them in a way that is beneficial to the world and our very health as creative people? The positive throughout this questioning process, though, is the fact that if we weren’t questioning and challenging ourselves then we wouldn’t really be as passionate as we clearly are. I suppose what I am trying to say is…in the journey to further our creative ventures and feed that artistic beast we need to question everything. We need to struggle and to feel lost in order to succeed and to feel like we are exactly where we are supposed to be.

We are all human and we want to create. We long for beauty and meaning and when it is far from our reach we retract and we panic. Focusing in on our love for what we do is our first step in the right direction to figuring out what exactly that direction is. Sit outside and mess around with oil pastels, throw paint at a canvas, anything to find your creative freedom. Life will constantly stand in your way and people will always tell you what to do, but no one can ever take away your expression, so let it flourish.

2 thoughts on “What Does It Mean?

    1. Absolutely. Art is all about questions and choices. But they are ones we make to better our lives and those around us. If we want to create then we have to. Thanks for reading!

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