What’s Next?

Planning for classes can always be a little stressful. Figuring out what requirements you need to fill and a way to make everything fit together is always a struggle. Last week was registration for the upcoming Spring semester, and even though we’re only a little more than halfway through this semester, I’m excited for my classes next semester.

On top of the last two classes I need to fulfill my liberal arts requirement, I’m also taking three art classes and doing an internship. Out of the art classes I’m taking, I’m mostly looking forward to Graphic Design III. I think it’ll really help me further develop my style and skills within the field. I want to really push myself to think creatively and build up a portfolio of work that’ll help prepare me for the future.

I only have three more semesters here at Marywood, and they’re going by quickly! I still have a lot to learn, but I’m really looking forward to what’s coming next for me.

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