Where To Next?

As we’re rounding the last week of the fall semester, I’d like to share some goals I’m setting out for myself to accomplish over the break. There are few things that I am planning on doing over the holidays in regards to keeping myself working and avoiding getting rusty.

Number 1

My first mission is to get a new sketchbook, for the course of the break, and knockout as much drawing over break as possible. I plan on purchasing a smaller book that I carry around to gather some good observational studies around my home town.

Number 2
My second self assigned task is to workout a larger painting over break. Throughout this semester I have been getting the same response from my more abstracted pieces that my work would look better bigger so with the free time I hope to have over break I want to get a substantial painting started.

Number 3
And of course my third plan is to continue experimenting with sculpture in anyway possible whether it be more toys or something more complicated… I have been interested in making a puppet of some sort for a while.

Whether I get all of this done or not setting up a game-plan before break is going to help me manage my time and take advantage of it, and I’d suggest doing the same.

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