Windows To The Soul

Every once in awhile I come across something that makes my hands almost twitch because I feel so inspired. I feel like I need to open my sketch book or get a paint brush in my hand as soon as possible. This time that inspiration saturated “thing” would be a movie. Side note: This particular movie was directed by Tim Burton, one of my all time favorite people.

Anyway…the setting of this film was focused around a husband and wife, the Keane’s. Margaret Keane (played by Amy Adams) was a painter, and still is today; her husband…not so much. She painted striking images of children in different settings, scenarios, and with different props; each with huge gaping eyes. Each piece was so personal to her as a person. A way for her to express herself. Her husband, Walter, was in it all for the money. Throughout the movie, based on the true life and events of Margaret and Walter Keane, Walter was actively trying to sell his wife’s work. It started innocently and honestly but quickly spiraled out of control when he began telling his prospective customers he was the one creating these powerful pieces. The movie continues to show us the change in both characters. Walter grew obsessed with the money and the fame, where Margaret struggled every single day with her decision to maintain this secret from everyone, including her closest friends and her daughter. By the end of the film, Margaret won back her life, her fame, and her art, by proving that she was the true talent kept quiet by an abusive husband.

I have noticed throughout my life that I am very attracted to powerful woman in areas of creativity. It was amazing for me to watch this story unfold; to see her incredible talents kept under wraps because of the wrong choices of one man. Our art is so personal to us that even just selling it to someone is difficult for us to do, never mind give someone else the credit for it’s place in the world as well as deciding where it will all end up. I absolutely loved the story of Margaret Keane and was thrilled to see she still paints every single day. Artists and non-artists will enjoy the journey and the struggle she went through to reclaim her place in the world. I couldn’t help but feel so proud of what she was doing, going forward to take her place as artist in a world where women artists were not very well-known or even cared about. So to Margaret Keane, thank you for bringing your big eyes into the world and fighting for each of us to enjoy them.

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