Wood Burning

This week was Easter break so I went home and it was really great to be around family. Then I realized all of the work that was due right after break and the final papers that I had to start and prepare for in a few weeks. Basically whenever I felt motivated, I started working on one of my many assignments. These assignments included working on two response papers and a final for French Revolution, my finals for Art History II and Baroque, and a project for Marketing. Thankfully I started most of them or at least got notes down on paper.

Other then work I been wanting to get back into wood-burning. I started in senior year and stopped around the beginning of freshman year. Now I am in my second year in college so it has been awhile sense I have done this. I decided to start on a piece I done in senior year and improve it. I like how it turned out but I need to cut up some more wood to start practicing again. It is actually quite easy once when you get the hang of it, and fun. I personally love the smell of wood burning and if done right the pieces could turn out really nice. On the bottom is the before and after of a jellyfish wood burn from when I first started to now.

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