Word Illustrations

This week, in the Intro to Graphic Design class I’m taking, I’ve been working on a word illustration project. To start off this project I used an online dictionary and thesaurus to look up words. It was suggested to use nouns or action verbs for this project so that helped narrow down which words I could pick. The main point of this project is to have the letters of the word communicate what the word means. To communicate this I also haven’t been able to use any additional drawings with my letters which is a challenge.

For the final project I need at least 3 words to hand in. As of right now I have 2 designs I’m content with. The words in those 2 designs are ‘mountain’ and ‘pool’ (the game, not a swimming pool.)  I chose the word mountain because it’s definitely a word I can connect with since I grew up in the mountains in Upstate New York. To illustrate this word I used the Pen Tool in Illustrator to create jagged shapes for my letterforms and connected them give them a mountain feel. I also played around with the scale of the letters to make them more mountainous.

As for the word ‘pool’,  there isn’t really a significant reason why I chose it. I just had a specific idea for that word and had to go with it.  To illustrate ‘pool’ I also used the Pen Tool in Illustrator for parts of my design. I mainly used the pen tool to draw pool sticks, so I could use them to make the P and the L. Then for both o’s I used the Shape Tool to create the black 8 ball and another generic pool ball. This is what I have so far with my designs.


Featured image credit: http://eghssuccess.blogspot.com/2014/10/amazing-design-and-word-illustrations.html




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