Working Again

This week the Marywood Art galleries finally opened after being closed for awhile after a water main break. This meant I could continue my work study! It been over a month since I worked at the galleries so I was a bit nervous to work again. I am excited to work more before winter break and hopefully next semester too! I cannot wait until there is an exhibition so I can help set up the art pieces.

Other then working again, my group for Green Piece class has been working on the wood for our project. We had our meeting with our Green Piece teachers to see how they liked our idea. Turns out they did not like the whole idea. So instead of doing two lungs we are only doing one, and instead of having it attached to the roots on the floor of the tree we are going to stand it up somehow. There are a lot of other changes because of what the teachers said so we had to rethink a lot of things going forward.

After we had some time to think about what were going to do about the project, my group attached metal flashing around the lung made out of wood. On the one side we plan to make it look dark and unhealthy by adding some dark see-through fabric. We are also going to put a coal mining map of Scranton under the fabric so when people get close enough they see the coal mines. Then on the other side we are going to plant flowers to show that this is the healthy part of the lung that is breathing and has life. This project is really stressful so I hope it turns out good, or at least good enough!

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