Working at The Workshop

Over the summer, I received the opportunity to have an internship with Crow Designs in “The Workshop.”


From the smells of oily ink to antique wood blocks, I knew I could call this place home with my newly formed lust for printmaking. In the heart of Scranton, this shop gave me the experience which I’ve been dying to go through over and over again. I thanked the moment when Chris Medley, the owner of Crow Designs, asked if I would be interested in an internship in The Workshop. After a brief visit through Europe, I wanted to jump straight into the job.


After being given a tour around the shop, I remember one of my first tasks: to organize the furniture. Not the couches and chairs, but rather the spacers which needed to be placed into the correct slot of an antique type furniture cabinet. I had two cabinets to work from, with one of them missing some parts. With my experience from 3D design class and my love of construction, I was eager to craft in separators for the set. My organization skills came in handy as I joyfully placed the jumbled wood blocks into their correct shelf. After all was said and done, I soon realized that there was much more organizing to be done, which I happily accepted to work on. Helping out this gem of a workshop was important to me. Even after only spending a few hours in it, I wanted to help it grow one step at a time.


If I were to write down everything I did in The Workshop, I would need to have a publisher by my side to clarify that this was just an article, and not a novel. Alas, even if I can’t tell you word for word what I worked on, my incredible experiences would still always stick by me no matter what. Some of the big opportunities included receiving a commission for 1,000 buttons, organizing our vending positions, helping out with First Friday, making my own merchandise, being with extremely old printmaking equipment, and working with all different types of type.


After buzzing through job listings before the summer, I felt content with what I could find. Ironically enough, the job I was going to apply for was recommended to me by Chris herself. It was only soon after that she told me about The Workshop internship. I immediately shifted into high gear towards this opportunity. The whole atmosphere of that place spoke well into me as no other place had before. I was honored to be called, “The Printmaker’s Devil.”

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Featured image: The Workshop Reflection

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