Working Away

This week consisted of a lot of work. I had multiple papers and projects due for my Baroque Art History and Marketing classes. We had to do a reaction paper on a very lengthily article about Camino Del Cielo e Infierno, this mural that is both interesting and quite disturbing. If you look at it closely, the pathway to hell is covered in flowers while the pathway to heaven is very narrow at first and is also covered in thorns. It is supposed to represent how easy it is to go to hell while it is hard to make your way to heaven. My favorite thing about this painting is the demon on the left trying to pull the person who is trying to make his way to heaven to come to hell. Unfortunately this piece is not as popular as other paintings so its hard to get a good image of it to zoom in and analyze it.  Thankfully I like learning about Baroque art so doing papers for this class is always easy.

Other then doing homework, I went home and worked on putting together my armoire. Since I moved rooms, the room I am in now does not have a closet built into it so I had to buy one. After four hours of none stop work the armoire was finally done, but because most of my clothes are here at the dorm I do not have much to put into tit. My dad is also replacing all of the floors downstairs due to a flood last year so my mom and I helped him rip some of the floor up so he could put new floors down. This project is probably going to take a week but hopefully when I come back this weekend the floors will be done.

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