Working My First Art Table

Hello everyone!

Last weekend was the event I’ve been preparing for for a long while, the Shop Local Market at Pour Coffee House! It was my first artist fair, (By that I mean one that I hadn’t organized myself, and instead participated in!) I was super nervous, and had a lot of paintings to make. Some of the paintings I was selling were ones I’d used for my art show at the Starbucks at the Steamtown Mall. Others I painted throughout the Summer, mainly my fruits and pastries!

It was a quiet day, but first thing that went well was that I got along well with those that were sitting beside me. The coffee house was nice, and they even allowed dogs inside, which was a bonus because I got to pet some cuties! A couple of people came down and asked us questions too, and I got my picture on the local paper (Which is pretty cool because I thought I looked alright in the picture, a bonus if I may add!)

A lot of people came by and complimented my work, and I did sell quite a few pieces! My strawberry, my doughnuts, my cupcake, and my avocados! A few took some of my business cards too and followed my instagram!

Overall, it was a worthwhile experience, and I did learn a few things (Such as bring change!) It is definitely something I would do again! I had a lot of fun, and I wouldn’t have known I liked it if I hadn’t given it a shot!

Photo of my at my table talking with the owner of the shop and the manager

– Sean McKeag | Times Leader

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