Working Together

A few weeks back I talked about my first project in my Typography class, and how we had to find different letterforms and complete the alphabet. After we all had our letters, we had to print them each out in 8×8” squares and trim them so we were just left with a stack of letters.

At first, everyone was very confused with what we were doing with all of the letters, but we ended up turning them into a really cool installation on a wall in our building. We chose to write out two quotes using the letters we found, one saying “The best inspiration is the deadline” and the other saying “Be bold or italic, never regular.”

Using the letters like this was a fun way for us to put our project to use, and to work together as a class to put the quotes together. It’s projects and classes like this that make me glad I chose Marywood, because the focus isn’t just on one project for one person, but everyone working together to create new things.

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