Woven With Love

This basket was a project for my Decrative Art Class during my senior year in high school. I thought it would be fun until I realized how difficult it was to make.

To make the reed flexible you have to soak them in water. The time it takes varies on how thick the reed is. I don’t have step by step pictures because I made this a while ago. If you plan on making one you should do some research on how to make one and what materials you’ll need. Since this was the first basket I ever made, it took me a couple of days. I also stuck with a simple pattern that was easy to follow. The most difficult part of making the basket is building the sides up.

The liner for my basket was made out of an old bandanna I had. We weren’t required to make one for it but I was planning on giving it to my mom for Mother’s Day. I really enjoyed making this basket and I hope to make another one someday.

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