Wrapping Up

Our photography blogger, Ty Mah, frequently discusses light in his posts and how crucial it is for photographers to consider, and with finals week upon us, I can’t seem to ignore the light either – the light at the end of the tunnel, that is. It’s been my lifeline, carrying me through to the end of the semester, in addition to my growing anticipation for Christmas. I did get an extra surge of energy this week, though, when we unloaded the contents of one of our last firings.

I always say that opening the kiln doors after a firing is as sweet as opening gifts on Christmas morning, and sure enough my excitement was intensified by this time of year. Perhaps it had something to do with seeing for the first time the completed versions of gifts I chose to make for family and friends, finally ready to be wrapped up in colorful Christmas paper and put under the tree. Still, the reveal is always satisfying, and leads us to ask new questions about reductions, glaze combinations, kiln settings, and so much more. The ever-changing, inconsistent nature of the medium is so mysterious and I can’t help but be entranced.

Wrapping up this semester feels awfully satisfying too.  We’ve all worked hard to drive our portfolios and our artistic potential further this term, and I wanted to share with our Where Creativity Works readers the fruits of (at least) my labor. I’ll refrain from posting my aforementioned gifts, at least for now; I wouldn’t want ruin the anticipation! But here are some of the completed, glazed works I’ve discussed throughout the term on the blog. I hope you’ve enjoyed walking with me throughout the creating process.


Tall teapot and matching teacups

20151203_201841 20151203_202628

Tumblers used to explore decorating techniques

20151203_203451 20151203_203434

Torso sculpture waiting to be fired

This last piece is among the last of my assigned projects to be completed this semester, and will be out of the kiln just after this post is published! So stay tuned for updates, and I’ll share the results next semester!

Wishing you a very merry Christmas, happy holiday, and a blessed new year! Thank you, as always, for your read and your support.

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