Wynwood Walls

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As things are starting to open up a bit, I hope everyone is staying safe! Something I was fortunate to do now that life is a little closer to being back to normal was drive to Florida to stay with my cousins while my aunt had surgery. We took all the necessary precautions (probably some extra ones, too!) and it was wonderful to see them and be there during this time.  Florida is definitely not the place to be out and about, as the number of people who have contracted the virus skyrockets daily, so we really didn’t go out in public. One cool thing we did get to do, however, was drive through the warehouse district of Wynwood, a neighborhood in Miami.

Wynwood is home to a fabulous and extensive outdoor gallery called Wynwood Walls. Over 50 artists from 16 countries came together in 2010 to create beautiful murals on over 80,000 square feet of windowless warehouse buildings. Tony Goldman, committed to graffiti and street art, conceived of this idea the year prior, and then expanded upon it to include Wynwood Doors, Wynwood Outside the Walls, and the Wynwood Walls Garden.

Seeing these massive murals from the car window felt almost like a dream. Driving through it was truly inspiring! Knowing that street art and graffiti are historically not commonly respected in the art world, this was such a physical representation of how wrong that thinking is. There was such a vast variety of styles and subject matter, so everyone in the car (even the two year old!) was interested in seeing these murals.

I knew when we drove through here that I was going to write about it, so naturally I took far too many pictures. Here are some of my favorites!

These were particularly popular among my cousins (note the animal theme):

Here are some that I found important for the world to see right now:

As we’ve been in lockdown for quite a bit now, it was wonderful getting to visit a gallery…even if it was from the car! If you ever get the chance, drive or walk through Wynwood. I promise you won’t be disappointed!!

For more information, visit https://thewynwoodwalls.com/ 🙂

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