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This Year Marywood University held the 2016 Scholastic Art Awards Exhibition for Northeastern Pennsylvania

 in the Mahady Gallery, Shields Center for Visual Arts.

Lush Blush by Ana Congdon

Lush Blush by Anna Congdon

To think that only two years ago I was in high school and starting to really get into my passion for art blows my mind. It feels like so long ago, yet walking into this gallery of extremely talented younger students made me realize that soon enough they, too, will have college courses under their belts and art portfolios forming.

Immediately when I walked into this gallery, I was astounded by the vastness of talent that is portrayed through each of these pieces. Works of art ranged from sculpture and painting to video montages and fashion outfits.

Many of these pieces caught my eye because of their excellent use of line and color. There were plenty that included lots of contrast and so much creativeness. This gallery showing was definitely one of my favorites so far this year because it was refreshing to see artwork done by those younger than me but still use the same elements and principles I learn about in my classes.


Metamorphasis by Laura Kern

The piece Metamorphosis by Senior Laura Kern was to my right as I entered the gallery, and it brought me back to learning about Franz Kafka in high school, reading his crazy “out of this world” short stories. I thought she captured the idea of someone being taken over by something unknown perfectly and the amount of detail she included was incredible.

Just simply walking into this gallery gave me a whole new perspective. I walked out of there inspired by the thought that those amazing works were created by students just beginning their art journey. It reminded me of the creativeness that is out there, from looking at abstract to very deeply moving illustrations. Art is so important in this world, and I think the Scholastic Awards truly depicted how there is an artist in all of us, no matter what age.

The Scholastic Art Awards Exhibition for Northeast Pennsylvania is sponsored by Marywood University, hosted and presented by Marywood University Art Galleries, and made possible by the art educators in Northeast Pennsylvania.

To learn more about the Scholastic Writing and Art awards, look here.

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