Zaner-Bloser Penmanship Collection

During one of my Advanced Typography classes last week, my class and I got to take a little field trip over to the University of Scranton to check out a penmanship collection that was going to help us out for our next project. It is called the Zaner-Bloser Penmanship Collection, and our project involves us focusing on one of the concepts of this collection and turning it into an accordion style look-book of any size featuring some information about the collection.

We can focus on things such as the alphabet or just a specific letter of the alphabet, or even some ornamental pen flourishes. There were a bunch of different works on display for us to look at and get inspiration from, and they were really interesting to look at. They all looked so effortless and pristine, although I know they must’ve taken some serious concentration and delicate precision to make. It was pretty awesome being given the opportunity to check out this collection, and it really opened my eyes to how impressive penmanship and calligraphy work is.

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