Zeta Bake Sale

This past week Zeta Omicron had our annual Halloween Bake Sale. Instead of our usual meeting in the art building, we changed it up and took a field trip to one of the dormitory’s kitchens for a baking night! And we baked and baked and baked. There was cupcake frosting, Oreo mashing, cookie mix mixing, and everything in between. We spent hours in the kitchen baking and filling all of Madonna Hall with the sweet aroma of everyone’s favorite baked goods. I always enjoy the baking nights with Zeta because it is such a social night. We help each other prepare dishes, listen to music, and chit chat the night away.

After baking night, it was an early morning to set up the bake sale. Zeta does not want to miss a beat when it comes to people getting their treats no matter how unhealthily early they are consuming them. Personally, the Oreo truffles were my guilty pleasure.

We had the bake sale up for two days and gave many students and faculty some spooky treats to begin to kick off their sweet tooth before Halloween began. Overall it was a successful bake sale! I think the reason why this bake sale (and also everything else done with Zeta) is so successful is because of extremely active members. The active participation is great to see! I am honored to be President of such a wonderful club whose center revolves around creativity and the arts that encourages artists to collaborate and work together daily!

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