150mph Light

Europe Rant

One Euro to use the restroom is crazy! And my luck would be I didn’t have a Euro coin; all I had was paper money. Yes I can go and get it changed but when you got to go, you don’t want to go looking for change. It was a very busy week for me this week and I think I tried to fit too much in this weekend. So as I write this blog, Monday morning my time, I am really tired. This weekend we went on a field trip to Rome to see some of the Baroque paintings, sculptures, and architecture. This was an amazing trip, but the amount of time walking or standing is exhausting. When we finished Sunday night and got on the train I think everyone fell asleep within 2 minutes. But not me. I love trains and enjoy the countryside views. What was cool was we were reaching speeds over 150mph, crazy fun! Oh and got to see a soccer match between Florence and Capri. This was a blast till the heavens opened up on us! I am sure my fellow friend/blogger Elizabeth was a little jealous.

SACI Class Update

Black & White Photography
More darkroom and more shooting film. I didn’t shoot any film this weekend as I left my film at school and just shot some digital stuff.

Digital Multimedia
The new project I am working on is Time. I am really searching for my inspiration on this one. Will run my idea by my teacher tonight and see if it is ok. I will post it once I get the go ahead and get some rough shots going.

Baroque and Italian Art History
Field Trip to Rome!!!!

We learned editing and I learned I don’t like editing.

Color Photography
We did some preliminary shooting for my project on the Arno River here in Florence.

Weekly quote~

“Every experience is a form of exploration.” ― Ansel Adams

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