Geppetto Syndrome

So over the past week I’ve been looking at figure sculptures. In particular Marisol Escobar’s work has been quite eye catching. The blocky undefined style with abstracted features makes these sculptures a bit unnerving, but extremely fascinating. I have been taking inspiration from Marisol’s sculptures as I’ve been working on a piece myself, trying to incorporate her bare-bones structures while adding a few of my own ideas.

So I grabbed a big piece of pine and whatever I could find in the wood shop scrap bin and have been building a figure that resembles my roommate Adam… but not in a creepy way. I haven’t finished the piece yet as I’ve been working on gathering accessories to better distinguish Adam as a character: glasses, shoes etc.

image1 (2)

However, this far down the production line I’m pretty satisfied with what I have and with a bit more grooming its going to turn out great.

image2 (1)

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