1st assignment: Elephant teapot

The first assignment in class is to create a teapot! It has to be thrown on the wheel and the size of the teapot does not matter!

The first thing that came to my mind is elephants. I have elephants stamps that I brought last year and I decided to put it to use this semester. I started off throwing on the wheel and I created the base of the teapot. Then, I attached clay to the top of the base to create the length of the teapot. Next, I cut four triangles from the top piece to create a square shape. Since this is going to be a teapot, I cut holes into the pot to create a strainer effect. The function of the strainer is to capture the tea leaves from going into the drink. For the handle, I made an elephant trunk. The only thing that I have to make next is the top for the teapot. Then, I will be finished!

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