There is a standard that teachers, as well as student teachers, are expected to uphold in their daily school lives.  These may include things like manners, appropriate attire, a calm temper, and overall awareness.  When in situations where students are present, as well as in the outside community, it is always imperative that a teacher is presentable in every way possible.

Here are some tips and tricks for being professional:

1. Always be well-mannered.

Please and thank you’s go a long way, especially with children, and it is setting a good example for them.  It shows them the appropriate way to act and the way that you expect of them in your classroom.

2. Be well-dressed.

This is probably one of the most important aspects of being a professional, in any field.  It is always important to look your best, even as an art teacher.  Yes, you may get something on your clothes here and there, but it’ll come out.  That’s why we use washable materials in the art room.  Find a wardrobe that you feel fits your personality, fits well, and allows you to move as you job requires you to.

3. Be calm.

Being calm in your classroom, as the teacher, sets a good example for students- just like being well-mannered.  It is imperative to give off the energy that you want your students to maintain, and staying calm when they test your temper is super important.  This allows students to build trust and a rapport of respect with their teachers.  Nobody likes to be yelled at all the time.

4. Be aware.

Another very important part of being a teacher!  You must be aware of everything that is happening in every corner of your classroom at all times.  You must be self-aware- watch your facial expressions and how your clothes are fitting or laying on your body.  Awareness is a crucial part of being a teacher.  They don’t say that you need to grow eyes on the back of your head for nothing!

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