3D Lion

This week I wanted to talk a little but about one of my older projects that I had done my freshman year. It was in three dimensional design and the goal of our project was to create an object out of recycled materials. This project required that we use one type of man made object, one type of natural object from the outdoors, and one object of our choice. We needed to have a story or reason as to why we were creating the object as well.

A few principles were touched upon while discussing this project as a class. The piece had to be aesthetically pleasing in the round, and we had to think about the space it would be displayed in. Such as a gallery, on the wall, etc. I decided that I was going to make my piece into a lion.

To begin, I referenced several photos of lions and tried to get a better understanding of their body shape and how I would need to create them. For this part I used a recycled two liter bottle, toilet paper rolls and cardboard. Because I wanted to make a male lion and I needed another element, I chose to use leaves as my natural object. I also chose my third element to be paint, so the viewer wouldn’t be distracted by the print on the cardboard. to hold everything together, I used hot glue.

The two liter bottle was used for the shape of the body which I had to cut into the form of the body. For the lion’s face, tail, and parts of the torso I cut out cardboard and shaped it to each part respectively. I used the toiler paper rolls to create the legs, which I made to look as if the lion was walking. After these parts were put together I painted the whole thing in brownish red paint. Finally I glued on the leaves for the mane and tail.




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