642 Things to Draw

Hello everyone!

These past few weeks I’ve been playing around with the book titled 642 Things to Draw! It’s a great book, and there are many like it, but I thought it’d be fun to go in and give myself a few random words to play with. I’ve been making one piece a week, where I begin by hiding the words on the pages (Done by squinting and placing a post it note on the words while squinting heavily). Once a week I’ll take a post it off, and surprise myself with a new prompt!

I’ve been challenging myself by making sure they aren’t in the lane of something I’d usually make, so I go through a few different ideas before I settle on one. I also count the pages as a whole prompt, too add variety to what has been made before!

My first prompts were: Rolling pin and Hammock. While the second prompt was: an anchor, a skunk, a chair, and Van Gogh’s ear. And here are my finished pieces! I’m really excited about what else is coming at me, this next one being a sandwich!

Hammock and rolling pin promptscreepy prompt with anchor, skunk, chair and ear

That’s all for this week. If you guys have used this book, send me some pics! I’d love to see them! Till then, have a great week!

2 thoughts on “642 Things to Draw

  1. I really like the vegetable drawing. I love veggies but I eat meat too. I need to eat meat becuase I think I’m anemic.

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